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Natural sounding synthetic speech has been possible for many years and is now ubiquitous in many personal assistants made by the largest companies in the world. Notwithstanding, Idiap has expertise in several niche areas of speech synthesis. These include localisation of accents and dialects, particularly those of our own locality in French speaking Switzerland, and of our neighbours in the German speaking region. We also have expertise in synthesis of emphasis and emotions, necessary when the synthetic speech is used in a dialogue manager, or as the output of a speech to speech translation system. Our recent research involves how to combine these qualities into state of the art neural synthesisers. In the 2023 Blizzard Challenge, our system was ranked favourably.


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Our key advantage is the ability to localise the accent and dialect using very little example data from a given region.


  • Speech to speech translation
  • Assistance for sight impaired readers
  • Component in dialogue systems
  • Hands free communication

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