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As a research institute of national importance, we are dedicated to translating research discoveries into tangible applications that make a meaningful impact on industries and society. Our collection of patents showcase the innovative spirit and groundbreaking contributions of our researchers in the field of artificial intelligence.

Explore the diverse range of AI technologies covered in our patent portfolio, spanning machine learning, computer vision, speech processing, and beyond. Each patent entry provides a glimpse into the transformative ideas that have the potential to shape the future of technology.

We invite industry partners and entrepreneurs to explore these patents and engage with us to bring these innovations to the market. Whether you're seeking licensing opportunities, research collaborations, or simply want to stay informed about the latest developments in AI, our patent showcase is a valuable resource.

Granted patents

Method, apparatus and computer program product for determining the location of a plurality of speech sources

A. Asaei, H. Bourlard, V. Cevher
US 9,689,959 B2 (ref. IDIAP-1)

Object detection method, object detector and object detection computer program

C. Dubout, F. Fleuret
US 9,058,541 B2 (ref. IDIAP-2)

A gaze estimation method and apparatus

K. A. Funes Mora, J-M. Odobez
EP 3 154 407 B1 (ref. IDIAP-5)

Method and internet-connected server for reviewing a computer-executable experiment
S. Marcel, A. Anjos, P. Abbet
US 9,973,503 B2 (ref. IDIAP-8)

System and method for acquiring images
M. Liebling, C. Jacques
EP 3 691 258 B1 (ref. IDIAP-10)

A method for protecting biometric templates, and a system and method for verifying a speaker's identity
V. Krivokuca Hahn, S. Marcel
US 11,514,918 B2 / EP 3 719 679 B1 (ref. IDIAP-11)

Patent pending

Method and device for biometric vascular recognition and/or identification
L. Sonna Momo, L. Cerqueira Torres, S. Marcel, A. Anjos, M. Liebling, A. Shajkofci, S. Amoos, A. Woeffray, A. Sierro
WO 2019/150254 A1 (ref. globID-1)
Multispectral biometrics system
W. Abd-Almageed, L. Spinoulas, M. E. Hussein, D. Geissb├╝hler, S. Marcel
US 2022/0398820 A1 (ref. IDIAP-USC-1)