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SMILE: Web sign production assessment platform


Automatic assessment of sign language production with clues on how to improve.

Nowadays, learning of sign language can be done online thanks to a web platform. By following a learning procedure, the learner will progressively familiarizes himself with the different signs. Also this procedure has been proven to be effective, currently there is no existing automatic process to assess the quality of the production of a learner and to give him a feedback on what to improve. The Web SMILE platform is designed with such a goal in mind. It analyzes the learner sign production, compares it to a reference model trained on professional signers and gives multiple feedbacks including fluency of the sign production and correctness of the shape and movement of the learned sign.


  • By giving an automatic assessment in realtime of what to improve, the learner does not have to wait for a professional signer feedback, making the learning process faster and smoother


  • Learning of sign languages

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Web SMILE sign production assessment platform

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